New Faculty Member, 2019: Dr. Tsung-Ling Lee (Law)

Poster:Post date:2019-02-28
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 Tsung-Ling Lee is an Assistant Professor of Law and a Research Consultant with the Taipei Medical University (TMU). Tsung-Ling is also a Ministry of Science of Technology Young Scholar Fellow. She holds a Doctor of Juridical Science from Georgetown University Law Center and is a member of the New York State Bar. Prior to coming to TMU, Tsung-Ling was first appointed as a Postdoctoral Fellow with Asia Research Institute, then as a Research Fellow at the Center for Biomedical Ethics, both with the National University of Singapore. Her main research areas are in Health Law and Ethics, International Law and International Relations, Public International Law and Global Governance, with a focus on the interplay between domestic and international norms that informs regulatory and policy decisions at national and global levels.

Tsung-Ling’s research interests, broadly conceived, are concerned with the strategic role(s) the law plays in global science governance. Her current research includes a comparative study on the political economy of the regenerative medicine market in EU, Japan and Taiwan, examining how global market force shapes domestic biomedical innovation. Her other research project examines ASEAN health governance and development, focusing on the normative role of the international organization in the region. A future research project will investigate how to govern new health security risks stemming from genome editing technology globally through the rule of law.

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